So who is this Parish guy?

I am Parish Oliver, I love learning and doing, my father loves learning, my grandfathers loved learning and doing…
First and foremost, I am a Child of God, who has been adopted out of my personal squalor of sin, through the embracing the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who literally took my sin upon Himself.
As of January 2011, I have rebuilt every electrical and mechanical component of an automobile, and love modifying vehicles for special purposes, and enjoy making lots of power with economy. I love inventing things, and people quite often purposefully give me ideas.
I grew up in Baton Rouge, attended the following schools: Preschool: Sherwood Baptist, 1-2: Twin Oaks Elementary, 2-3: Broadmoor Elementary, 4-5: Baton Rouge Preparatory School (Now Brighton Acadamy on that site), 6,7,7,8,9.2: Parkview Baptist School, 9.2-10.4: McKinley Senior High School Gifted and Talented Program, 10.4-12: Runnels High School.
My freshman year of college, I attended Millsaps College, in Jackson, Mississippi, where I joined Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, then I transferred to Louisiana Tech University, in Ruston, Louisiana. I graduated in 1997 with an B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology.
I was diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder in 1988, and at that time I transferred to Runnels, and with the “help” of Ritalin, I went from a 1.9 GPA to a 3.7 GPA. pulled off a 29(untimed) on the ACT, and that helped me get into Millsaps. I took myself off of Ritalin because of the side effects, and now I take natural supplements for it, because I hated the way it “zombied me out”, and the withdrawals really sucked, not to mention headaches.

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