How did I forget that? Musings on Memory.

I do things, see people and things and they remind me of something, time, or person from the past. I saw a guy I had not seen in years yesterday, and I had to ask him where I knew him from.

I worked with him at the local Coca-Cola Bottling plant a little over 4 years ago. He was one of the IT guys, and it was good to see him. So I went and grabbed my Gyros plate, and sat down with him and is compadres. It all came back, but it was not with out some conversation to work those drawers loose in the filing cabinets of my mind.

When I was maintenance manager at a local dairy, my mind got kinda mooshy from the endless days and lack of rest pretty much beat me up. I had been part of getting a couple of years worth of work done in 70ish days. not to mention operating a dairy and getting milk to the shelves.

My father is dealing with some memory issues, and I am going to get this program (Click Here!) to exercise his mind, and mine. There is a guarantee, so lets give it a shot!

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