Party Picture photographers… Drunks, creeps, weird, shy, cocky, annoying- Not much for helping the Party Atmosphere… I have developed my own philosophy and mindset for party photography, and it is a whole other thing…
1) I am there to help them remember their party
2) I am there to make them look good
3) I am there to have have fun
4) I show up, bringing fun, and when we make a good group shot, I cheer
5) I dance, step, rock, sing, climb on stage, and generally responsibly act the fool.
6) I work the crowd, I do not stay in one place for more than 10 minutes.
7) I take self portraits with anyone who wants one.
8) I am a pin ball, I bounce off of people, apologize, and take NO OFFENSE to people bumping me.
9) I will shove someone out of the way, in order to get the shot, but do it strong, yet gently, no pain.
10) If someone is out of control (typically a guy), I will have them ejected.
11) Quite often a girl will grab them “some”, I respond in a fun way, take their picture, and keep going.
12) I give guys advice on how to be more attractive, and they appreciate it.
13) I exude fun, always smile, or have some expression related to having a good time.
14) I do not spend too much time with any one girl, as it can become creepy, 1 song max.

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