SO-My pants are a little large, and they are tight!

Some people say it all goes down hill after you hit 40. It can. Does it have to? Not all of it. Yesterday I used some simple eye exercises, and the computer screen cleared up. A few months ago, I started taking Buffered C Ascorbate from, and I am not suffering from the seasonal ailments. I learned how to wear my socks inside out, and my feet are cooler and in better shape.
But now the middle age spread is upon me. The belly, the gut, the tool shed. I cannot tell you what belt I am wearing. The baggy pants are fitting, too well. So there is this push for all of us to look “chiseled”, but we give up when we cannot get past looking “poured” in a couple of months. I do not feel that I need to look chiseled, but I do want to be at my best “Fighting Weight”. I ran across the Adonis Golden Ratio,  which is a product that assures men that they can get to a good Fighting Weight in a reasonable amount of time. I am going to give it a shot, join me, and let us enjoy the loose clothes again…

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