Oh, The People You Will Meet

Over the Christmas holiday Shopping season, I worked as a “Brand Ambassador” at the mall demonstrating (Pronounced “Buzzing the heads of shoppers”) Micro R/C Helicopters for a major tech innovation store. I had a load of fun, and as you can imagine, saw loads of people that I had not seen in years… Possibly the most enjoyable job I EVER had. Well, as I am developing my site, one of my co-workers, Dave, hits me up on facebook, and asks me how I knew our mutual friend, Jessica. “Well, I am really good friends with her husband, and we all were in the same para church organization together.”
Dave tells me, “Cool, she was my baby sitter when I was little, back to when I was in diapers. ”
Small world. I told him what I was doing, and he gave me his brother’s name and number, because he is a web developer, and we connected up, and he really helped me fill in the gaps.
Crazy world! God is good, and there it is…

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